Facts of Best Engineering College in Punjab

Engineering is the functional subject of scientific, economic, social, and practical analysis in lieu to create, design, build, preserve, investigate, and look up arrangements of equipments, devices, systems, materials and methods. The branch of engineering is extremely wide, and encompasses a range of applied science, technology and different types of application. Level of engineering has been classified into stages bachelor, master, diploma and certification.

Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Amritsar (ACET) was established in the year 2002.
The best known institute of Punjab has been duly approved by AICTE, New Delhi and also by the Government of Punjab and Govt. of India. Also has been affiliated to Punjab technical University, Jalandhar.
Amritsar Institute of Engineering has been ranked as the Best Engineering College in Punjab concentrating on the utmost excellence of educational services. ACET focuses on upbringing the talent of students in today’s highly competitive world.

ACET signifies the technical ability to present the best Information and Technology engineering in Punjab.
ACET aspires to transform students into the skilled professionals who can make the superlative use of technology and impart their technological know-how to transfigure the world around. We have been ranked among top Engineering Colleges with best infrastructure and professional mentor in the field of engineering.

Not only ACET aims in training and development of students in the technical field, also assures that ACET is the College with Best Placements for their students which invites the best renowned companies on board every year. Placement Cell works hard to get best companies on board meeting the expectations of the students.


Best Institute in Punjab

Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology has had an effective spell at conveying elevated expectations of instructive administrations to a more extensive stretch of understudies looking for commendable aid to make their vocation. After a rich full involvement in the building vector, the administration took an extolling activity at augmenting the instructive administrations portfolio towards different courses. Punjab still confronts absence of sufficient colleges giving courses in administration stream. Considering the new request of the district including Punjab and adjacent states, ACET has presented various graduation and post graduation courses for intrigued understudies. Guaranteeing quality framework and decently qualified staff, our MBA wing is making a remarkable showing in sustaining the administration abilities of the understudies. With such a wide skyline covering all significant training courses, ACET is all situated to rise as the Best institute in Punjab.

The awards are an after effect of years of steady practice offered towards engaging the approaches in the establishment. ACET conveys a rich legacy of gathering a few confounded issues that emerge rapidly. Be it dealing with the assets, guaranteeing persistent condition of the craftsmanship base, utilization of most recent innovation, sufficient space in the grounds or changing a few approaches inside the foundation, ACET has dependably reached its difficulties in a productive way. The distinguishment of being the best foundation in Punjab frequently accompanies incredible obligations. It obliges a specialized curve of determination to every one without trading off the current structure. ACET covers all significant courses in building and administration discipline; accordingly giving an astonishing chance to more number of contender to demonstrate their fortitude.

Engineering colleges in Punjab

The late rampage spend of building foundations has put Punjab on the worldwide guide to stay the finest educational administrations for the engineers. While understudies keep on running for the most famous limbs of Computer science and Electronics, the rage for the decade’s old evergreen controls of Mechanical and Electrical have not spoiled yet. Besides, a plenty of different specializations have given a lucrative open door for understudies in the nation to put their natural abilities into a proper field successfully. Supplementing the same, Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology has been acquainting creative ideas with weaving the best educational module and in this way rise as the best designing school in Punjab.

It took us a decent measure of time in understanding the different disturbances of executing the arranged educational program and dealing with the assets in an effective way. Luckily, our years of learning have made us the most favored end in the instructive space. While building studies stay our tying down offering, a few different courses in Management and Computer applications have empowered our try in increasing our viewpoints.

At Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, we guarantee that a motivating mood drives the understudies towards pulling their educated and innovative strings of brain so they get to be independent, certain and more arranged for eccentric difficulties. Our condition of the workmanship labs are decently outfitted with the most recent framework and apical measures of offices to make taking in an agreeable yet successful excursion.

Understudies from all alcoves of the nation stroll to us for looking for courses in changed orders. Contact us to look for more experiences of what makes us the best engineering college in Punjab.

What makes Computer Science engineering lead the trend?

Computer Science and Engineering is the most popular education course in India today. The same has led to a stunning success Indian IT sector has met with. Hundreds of Computer Science and IT graduates pass out every year. However, only few of them have the required skills set to match the industry levels. Also, to acquire a firm hold over computing, various other courses such as B.sc in Computers and Bachelors of Computer Applications have seen rising demands.

Library @ACET

Library @ACET

The top 10 engineering colleges in Punjab are all offering a detailed course covering the basics and further high level programming. While the computer education is challenging, interesting and creative, Punjab took a plunging interest in producing the best CSE graduates every year. Complementing the spirit, Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology has rested its focus on the stream.

Computing helps acquire a smarter approach at the problem solving ability and thus resolve complex issues. While the utilization of computing in businesses monitoring is indefinite, qualification in the same helps inculcate innovation at boosting the processes.

Add to it the dependency that other engineering branches have shown on computers. The traditional streams like Mechanical engineering are now being driven on the computer automated tools for designing for product designing. Browsing through the list of engineering colleges in Punjab will indicate that most of them have CSE as a major branch. However, ACET stays committed to its claims of providing quality education to all engineering disciplines with computer science anchoring the vision.

Being enlisted in the top 10 engineering colleges in Punjab, Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology offers attached computing courses so that the students can excel with the industry standards.

Punjab shall soon emerge as the next big IT destination with thousands of more work opportunities for the graduates.

Computing is here to stay and so does the computer science engineering courses. Get the list of engineering colleges in Punjab and inquire about the infrastructure each one of them is offering. Get in touch with the faculty at ACET and know about the massive placement programs conducted for the students every year.

Best Engineering College in Punjab

ACET amritsar College

The recent splurge of engineering institutions has put Punjab on the global map to anchor the finest educational services for the engineering sector. While students continue to flock for the most popular branches of Computer science and Electronics, the craze for the decade’s old evergreen disciplines of Mechanical and Electrical have not tainted yet. Plus, a plethora of other specializations have given a lucrative opportunity for students in the country to put their innate skills into an appropriate field effectively. Complementing the same, Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology has been introducing innovative concepts to weave the best curriculum and thus emerge as the best engineering college in Punjab.

It took us a fair amount of time in understanding the various nuisances of executing the planned curriculum and managing the resources in an efficient way. Fortunately, our years of learning have made us the most preferred destination in the…

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What Makes An Autonomous College Perfect For Pursuing Courses?

ACET amritsar College

The trend for autonomous bodies in educational institutions has recently gained momentum in India. While the total number of students applying for various graduation and post graduation courses has increased by 10 times, the need of autonomous institutions was felt long ago. Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology is all set to emerge as one of the few Autonomous colleges in Punjab. After a successful stint at delivering engineering and management courses, ACET group could attain this recognition. In an endeavor to emerge as the best Autonomous engineering college in Punjab, ACET group aims at revolutionizing the existing institutional practices.


There are various benefits that an Autonomous educational body can offer to its students. First and foremost is the accomplished independence to design a new course and curriculum for the courses. Conventional universities in India are often criticized for following an old syllabus and subjects; many of which have…

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What Makes MBA A Popular Course At ACET?

ACET amritsar College

Masters of Business Administration is the most popular post graduation course in India. Every year lakhs of graduates from different backgrounds appear into entrance examinations for MBA. Subsequently, many MBA institutions have opened across the country with Punjab being one of the anchoring destinations for the same. After attesting a successful density for engineering courses, Punjab has recently emerged into a reliable region for pursuing MBA. ACET group realized the local potential and soon introduced dedicated post graduate courses in Business Administration.


In an endeavor to emerge as the best MBA College in Punjab, ACET has plunged its support and focus on all the trending practices in this service area.

Management is all about interaction and the same stays unfulfilled if students are not exposed to the real time market conditions. At ACET, we have a strategic plan that brings into play actual organizations and our students. Frequently, our…

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